Choose the Album Cover to use…

Rob Crawford - Cross Fingers Album Cover - Tile - 1600 Rob Crawford - Cross Fingers Album Cover - Portrait - 1600

10 Comments on “Choose the Album Cover to use…”

  1. robcrawford Says:

    This is me commenting on my own page – which I know is a bit weird and self-referential.

    But… please vote and feel very free to add comments. I’m not definitely sure that either cover is completely finished as their may be minor tweaks needed but I think more or less each one is almost there.

    Anyway let me know what you reckon!



  2. Paresh Says:

    Its always good to have an air of mystery

    Good Luck

  3. Jason Says:

    They’re both good, the right hand one though looks more like a single cover than an album for some reason. So I’ve gone with the left.

  4. si@sashimi Says:

    love the second one rob!


  5. doogle Says:

    Like the idea of the angry finger faces, the left one has a bit more mystique.

  6. Lucia Says:

    I think the left one is better.

  7. nenu Says:

    left, left…. right is so simple and plain, the first one has something special 😉

  8. iciclethief Says:

    There both good, it’s a tough one, but on reflection the fingers are pointing to the left!

  9. NickyB Says:

    yeah…left one’s better…piques curiosity.. 🙂

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