New lyrics: Where Your Dreams Will Go

These are the lyrics for Where Your Dreams Will Go – it’s in the style of hard rock. It’s one of those songs that has been around for a while and been through a few incarnations….

Conversation going through my brain
Situation driving me insane
What are you looking for
Do you need just a little more
Do you want to see the things I see?

I tell you boy
I don’t know how you’ve done
You’re gonna lose and when you’ve always won
What are you doing here?
Do you need just a little fear?
Do you wanna feel the things I feel

You’re gonna feel high
You’re gonna feel low
You know you’re going to chase those clouds forever
And heaven only knows
Where your dreams will go

Voices keep on leaping in my mind
You’ve heard it once
You’ve heard it all the time
What do you want from me?
Do you think that I’m really free?
Do you want to breathe the air I breathe

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3 Comments on “New lyrics: Where Your Dreams Will Go”

  1. wildting Says:

    I like the lyrics a lot! They seem passionate…fierce. I hope it gets set to some rockin’ raucous music. Something in the vain of Garbage.

    • robcrawford Says:

      Glad you like them! The track is reasonably raucous, loud guitars and all.

      Hopefully it’ll meet your expectations, although I must admit whenever I hear the melody to someone else’s lyrics I am always hopelessly wrong about the direction!

      I hope to post the finished track soon!

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