All I Want To Do

Rob Crawford - All I Want To Do - Artwork Play

Verse 1
I want to be there
You know I do
I want to see you
You know it’s true
And I say I know I
I won’t take no and I’m telling you why

Verse 2
You know I love you
And just like that
I had to tell you
As a matter of fact
I won’t hide my whole life
What don’t stop for nothing
And I’m telling you why

All I want to do
All I want to do
All I want to do
All I want to do

Verse 3
I cross my fingers for you everyday
I’m kind of hoping
That you feel the same way
Cause I won’t bide my
I won’t wait for nothing and I’ll tell you why

I’ll go anywhere
I’ll do anything
I’ll take anyone
I’ll go anytime
I’ll take any minute of any day

One Comment on “All I Want To Do”

  1. Sounds great Rob well polished and well.performed. I have dabbled and written a couple .. but they come under the category of silly and daft. If you ever fancy doing a set on stage give me a shout we get loads of differant bands supporting the Yogs…

    Great Stuff


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