Diary of a Song – Session 4


I’ve decided to do a diary of a song I’ve been working on, I thought I would write down what I need to do to get the song from a few scrappy ideas in my head, to guitar, to vocals, to recording, mixing, and mastering.

I thought it would be nice to give an idea of how I approach things generally, although things never seem to be the same for each song as each song presents it’s own challenges.

Previous Sessions (if you missed them…)
Session 1 Time spent: 3 hours
Session 2 Time spent: 3 hours
Session 3 Time spent: 2 hours

Anyway onto….

Session 4

Everything still sounding good – most of the verse lyrics are fine – although need to add some more for the 3rd and 4th verse. I also need to finalise the lyrics for the chorus as I am still ruminating over these. When I listen back to the ‘praying for a lifeline’ it doesn’t scan that well as the timing is tight for that many sylables – so I consider some alternatives…

I remember somebody saying that lyrics are like a jigsaw puzzle and think that is very true. Got to get the words in the right places to say what I want to say, with the right emphasis in rhythm and style to fit into the music and the tone. It’s tricky but definitely fun!

Add more vocal parts for verse 3 and verse 4 which have now written
Added the vocal parts for the chorus – still to decide which lines are keepers and which lines to not bother with. Sometimes some lyrics look great on paper but when you try and sing them they just sound daft, or are too awkward or don’t quite fit right.

Still took a couple of hours to get the vocals down and decide which parts are best for the chorus. Also tightened up the bridge a bit more with added harmonies for the extended section.

v1.3 Intro + Verse Clip

Same intro as 1.2
Lead a bit louder
Bass relatively quieter – doesn’t sound as good

Similar to 1.2
Slightly loud lead riff
Tighten up verse lyrics
Doing everything you can just to stick to the plan
You’re not doing what you want
Just doing what you can

v1.3 Chorus Clip

Lyrics for chorus – and redid the vocals
use m y g w

Chorus 1
Man you’re gonna wonder
Where it all went wrong
When you’re gone you’re gone

v1.3 Bridge Clip

Tighter harmonies – sounding more balanced
Lyrics staying the same

3 Comments on “Diary of a Song – Session 4”

  1. stew Says:

    Have you checked it into subversion?

  2. stew Says:

    Sounding good Rob.

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