Diary of a Song – Session 3


I’ve decided to do a diary of a song I’ve been working on, I thought I would write down what I need to do to get the song from a few scrappy ideas in my head, to guitar, to vocals, to recording, mixing, and mastering.

I thought it would be nice to give an idea of how I approach things generally, although things never seem to be the same for each song as each song presents it’s own challenges.

Previous Sessions (if you missed them…)
Session 1 Time spent: 3 hours
Session 2 Time spent: 3 hours

Anyway onto….

Session 3

From the listen in the car – the song is getting tighter the guitar sounds more meaty. It is keeping it’s pace, dynamism and excitement. Definitely on the right track so far – I don’t really want to change it drastically – the biggest thing at this point is now sorting out the lyrics and getting the vocals down.

I know what I want the song to be about – I’ve been thinking about the theme and potential lyrics since the initial recording – usually a snapshot of what’s on my mind at the moment (with a bit of tweaking)

From the listen – thought the intro sounded a bit like Star Trek intro(!!!) – so I’ve replaced it with some other synth sounds which are hopefully still atmospheric – using the same bass and riff and forming bit of a song motif.

Added lyrics – and recorded them.

Slightly shorter session this time about 2hrs but am very pleased to have got some of the proper vocals recorded. Will bundle together a mixdown to CD to review in the car.

I had the feeling at the time of writing the song about working too hard, not seeing the light of day much, the pressures of the daily routine and having to push forward just to stand still. This song is questioning that attitude and when in some future time you will look back with regret.

Maybe it’s a bit ‘smell the flowers while you can’ but with more pressured and rushed perspective on life which fits in with the songs agressive style.

Session 3 Clips – When You’re Gone You’re Gone 1.2

v1.2 Intro + Verse Clip

Removed Star Trek style intro!
Added other synth to intro
Same guitar riff and bass

New lyrics added for the verse: (– means lines didn’t use, ** means lines did use)
You’ve got a lot of thing to do
You got a lot on your mind
But you can’t find the words/money
And you can’t find the time

You keep pushing pushing pushing
Just to keep on track
You’ve got to keep moving so you don’t fall back

**Doing everything you can just to (stick to the)/(stay on) plan
–cause it’s still on plan
–everyone away
–Gotta keep on running or get left behind
–You’ve gotta keep moving just to stand still
**You’re not doing what you want
**Just doing what you can

–You’re standing on the edge
–And looking down
–No-one can save you
–There’s no-one around

v1.2 Chorus Clip

Same as v1.1 – improved drum breaks on sections
Couple of chorus versions
On the recording it’s still the generic lyrics but I’ve started sketching out a couple of chorus lyrics I might use
–You’re praying for a lifeline
–When you’d be better living this one
–Cause when you’re gone you’re gone

**One day you’re gonna look back
**And wonder where it’s gone
**Cause when it’s gone it’s gone
**Cause when it’s done it’s done

v1.2 Bridge Clip

Added more harmonies – tighter
**Don’t you know
**They’re dying to know
**Who am I
**To ask/tell you why
**When don’t you know

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