The Proof

Rob Crawford - The Proof - Artwork

About the Song

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Verse 1
I’m in the dark now
I’m sitting alone
Waiting for you
To make your way home
Call me a fool for using that tone
And I’ll scream

Verse 2
You swing in the door
As though nothing has changed
You can’t bring yourself
To even meet my gaze
Reality is staring me straight in the face
Now I’ve seen

The Proof
I’m living someone else’s lie
The Proof
My nightmare‘s realized
The Proof
I need to finally see the truth
God it may kill me but somebody show me the proof

Verse 3
I might never have known
If not for the call
The maid from the hotel
Found your ring after all
I can’t believe I’ve been such a blind fool
But now I’ve seen

I know it
I feel it
I see it
So put me out of my misery

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