Give Me That Smile

Rob Crawford - Give Me That Smile - Artwork Play


Words and Music © Rob Crawford 2010

About the Song


Verse 1
I’ve been here
I’ve been there
I’ve been looking for you everywhere
Now I’m on my knees begging please

Verse 2
I’ve been hot
I’ve been cool
I’ve been running like I’m still at scholl
And I’ve seen what a fool I have been

So give me give me give me that smile
Show me that it’s all worthwhile
You’re the only thing that’s ever been keeping me together
You’ve got to give me one more try
So give me give me give me that smile

Verse 3
I’ve been quick
I’ve been slow
I’ve finally learnt what I should have known
And I’ll prove it’s true that I love you

Verse 4
I’ve been lost
I’ve been found
I’ve seen the light and I’ve come around
And I’ve changed my ways so I say

I know that if I see your smile
Let me in and I’ll change your mind
When I see that look in your eyes
You know you drive me wild

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