Bright Young Things Of Wonder

Rob Crawford - Bright Young Things Of Wonder - Artwork Play
About the Song

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Bright Young Things of Wonder

Verse 1
She was a teller of my fortune
She looked into my eyes and she promised me
I said I know you
At least I hope to
Deja vu is a self-fulfilling prophecy
And then she leaned right over and reminded me

We’re the bright young things of wonder
We are the fools that dream of love
And if you dare to push beyond you
Well you’ve got to learn to trust yourself enough
To live your life like a bright young thing of wonder

Verse 2
So she told me of my future
I looked into her eyes and she showed me the world
I said well seeing is not believing
Well you can pay me lip service but actions speak louder than words
And then she read my mind and gave me chapter and verse

I think I might have finally seen the light
I think everything will be alright
I think everthing will be alright now
I think I might have finally seen the light now
Hold on tight now
Futures bright now
In my sights now
Do it right now

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