Beautifully Wonderful

About the Song
This is a piano ballad which is probably one of my favourite songs.

Its written for and about my wife.

When she first heard it she starting crying which for a few moments I couldn’t tell if it was a good thing or not, but it was good!

Why am I?
By your side
Cause you’re beautifully wonderful
And I know I’ve never felt so sure
About anything before
You’re beautifully wonderful
Where am I?
In your eyes
Cause you’re beautifully wonderful
And I know I couldn’t love you more
It’s so simple and pure
You’re beautifully wonderful

Verse 1
You stole my heart girl
When you stole my drink
You gave me that sweet smile
That drew me in
The start of everything
The start of everything

Verse 2
I said what you doing
For the next 30 years
You looked pretty shocked
But well baby you’re still here
After all these years
After all these years

Verse 3
You are my wild thing
Though I could never say so
Today my heart sings
Wild thing I love you so
I just need you to know
I just need you to know

This is my lovesong
I sing for you
You are where I belong
Because you’re wonderfully beautiful

3 Comments on “Beautifully Wonderful”

  1. Tom Higley Says:

    Just listened. The song is . . . beautifully wonderful.

  2. Great melody Says:

    Definatley one of the best of yours I’ve heard. I love the piano and the whole thing hangs together just as good as anything else in the charts.

    You’ve really hit a home run with this one rob, its a great song.

    Well done !

  3. Penguin71948937 Says:

    beautiful song rob. lovin ur music!

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